Packer is a 2D Platformer in which you have to grab a package and deliver it to the exit, but it's not a simple job, you are delivering packages in a lava filled dungeon, will you manage to deliver those precious organic,vegan lacto-free late and other, probably more important stuff?

This game was created for Quarantine Jam!

theme for which was "Pack" it was a 48h game jam, but i had to scrap my whole project and this game was made during last 3 hours of it :)


Walk: AD/Left Arrow, Right Arrow

Jump: Space/W/Up Arrow

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All assets were made specificlly for this game, by NoelOskar


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good game good movement good idea 

Really cool game! The CRT effect is incredible!


This game is really well made. The overall feeling, movement, and the ability to jump in the air is a great idea. I agree with others saying MORE LEVELS!!


More levels!


man the games SO GOOD can you please make it longer i wanna play more T_T


Such a freakin' cute game, but still challenging and some decent level design! LOVE the TV screen effect, reminds me of Killer 7, and that's definitely a great thing!

This could use more polish though. The controls feel a little too loose. The lava comes out too fast in my opinion. It should kinda flow more as well, it kinda looks like red stuff. It doesn't animate/move like it's lava. Make it more like waves. 

Other than that, I think you could have played with the "package" idea a little more. So have certain packages give you limited powers when carrying them. So, a blue one could freeze lava when you hold. Or another could help you jump higher. 

That way, you could have more interesting levels, where players how to be careful which package they take back first and how, so they can complete the level. 

Oh, and add some music!! XD

Overall, I quite enjoyed it! Great job, man! Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

Thanks for feedback, idea of packages modifing the game is pretty cool


cute & challenging!


quite nice and challenging


cute af, also love the tv screen effect