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This game was created for week 131 of weekly game jam

Game was created under 7 days, it was my first game jam that i participated in.

Maskformer is a 2d platformer in which player has to switch between diffrent masks to complete levels

Game features 3 diffrent levels with diffrent themes and each level introduces new mechanics, every mask has a difftrent trade off so you have to switch between theme if you want to complete the game

Game features handcrafted pixel art

All sprites, scripts and sound effects were made by me, music wasn't created by me

it comes from royality free sources...

Special thanks to Dawid Gruszka for testing the game and 

Gunnar Clovis for reviewing the game and giving some advices



Added Ending Cutscene

Fixed some minor bugs

Some minor visual changes


Fixed Resolution and Fullscreen toggle

Fixed bug that made game impossible to complete


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Magic Mask v1.2.rar 35 MB
Magic Mask v1.1.rar 35 MB
Magic Mask v1.0.rar 35 MB


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Here's my gameplay critique for Maskformer!

This is a lovely little hidden gem, sadly hidden by this itch page! This game has a lot of heart and great work put into it---solid charming graphics, great music, good design. I have some minor nitpicks like I can conjure with any game, but this is such a solid game. Really, really well done.

But, it seems like no one has played it, which from their point-of-view is totally fair, as this blank default itch page doesn't sell it in the slightest. My minor little nitpicks with the fonts and non-logarithmic adapted sound controls, etc. mean nothing compared to how much this itch page is desperately crying out for attention!

Market your great work! From this page we have no clue what the game is, what it looks like, how it plays, why we should play it, etc. Change the colors to the nice color palette used in the game, use the beautiful orange cloudy background image as the background for this page, put up a bunch of screenshots, a video with OBS, a cover image GIF with ScreenToGif, etc. You could even use this video as the game video! Set it in the page settings at the top. But definitely put up some screenshots and change the color at bare minimum. You should always do this, otherwise you can't really expect people to download your games.

I would also highly recommend exporting to WebGL and making the game playable in-browser. Unity makes it really easy and free. You're clearly a talented developer with core competency, so I know you could handle this.

Otherwise, just keep up with the game development! I want to see you make more games. Just make them playable in WebGL and spruce up the game pages!


thanks for your opinion, when i'll have some time i'll try to work on game pag :)