Drake Madduck Is Lost In Time is a 2D metroidvania in which you play as Drake, a duck scientist that travels through time with his time machine, and AI companion,

This game was created for Brackeys Gamejam 2020.2

theme for which was "Rewind"


Noel Jasik - Coding, Game & Level Design

Alex Perry - Music, SFX, Writing

BigWhiteShogun - Art, Game & Level design

Bartosz "Sztobar" Szewczyk - Camera & Additional Coding


Drake Madduck Windows 1.1.zip 43 MB
Drake Madduck Mac 1.1.zip 43 MB
Drake Madduck Linux 1.1.zip 46 MB


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Pretty neat, though the last section is tedious and should be play-tested


stuttering framerate and slows the entire system to a crawl. (win 10, chrome)

(1 edit)

Hey, maybe try desktop build, webgl usually has worse performence